Love’n’Joy (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Love’n’Joy, Kyiv, Ukraine 

Love’n’Joy is a Ukrainian band created in Kyiv in 2009.

The band creates a mixture of psychedelics of 60’s & 70’s with early electronics, adapting it to the modern way and, by that, analyzing the limits of human consciousness.

In 2010, Love’n’Joy has released their first extended play (mini-album) and immediately got to the selection of the five best bands by Sviatoslav Vakarchuk. The musicians are frequent participants of such festivals as “Gogolfest”, “Zakhidfest”, “Reaction”. The two European tours are their contribution to the promotion of the modern Ukrainian culture. In 2018, a concert was played at “Reverberation Festival” in Dresden during the second European tour. At the end of the tour, the band participated in “Atlas Weekend 208” and the updated show “Big Fisun” on “Aristocrats” radio.

Nowadays, the band consists of Anton Pushkar (a frontman), Andrii Sukharev (a bass guitarist) and Serhii Zlobin (a drummer).