MAKSYM TRUNOV (Lysychansk, Ukraine)

Maksym Trunov, Lysychansk, Ukraine

“Druzhba” is a center and a festival of urban or street culture in Lysychansk. And Maksym Trunov is a co-founder of it. The first festival has gathered over 300 participants from Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Mariupol regions. Athletes, dancers and sportsmen demonstrated their skills in parkour, breakdance, street football and basketball. It was not only the first such festival in Lysychansk, but in Lugansk region in general (to mention, there are only a few of such projects all over Ukraine). The organizers plan to upscale the project.

The “Druzhba” center includes spots, quarters and figures for rider-cultures: BMX, skateboarding, rollerboarding, etc. Soon they are going to add an indoor skate park, a streetball court, a street football cage, an area for tracers with obstacle tracks, a dance hall, a hub for educational projects and two event venues for festivals and projects.

“What happens around me, people – those things are important for me. It is both interesting and scary to do something new, but I still do it. The ‘Druzhba’ project has a central place in my activity, even despite the fact that initially I am a geologist and currently writing a dissertation,” Maks admits, “Also I am the head of the association of co-owners of an apartment building, and recently we launched the heating system. Everything we achieve is due to the environment, the surrounding. In the last years, there was a huge number of people around me who motivate not to stop, to work with the full capacity.” We believe that with such mood in a year “Druzhba” will gather more that 300 participants. Keep it up, Maksym!