PAUL BELL (London, UK & Belgrade, Serbia)

Paul Bell (London, UK & Belgrade, Serbia)
Making Cents Expert in youth economic development & Entrepreneur & Mentor & Impact hub investor

Paul is a Senior Advisor to Making Cents International, a leading US development company in the youth economic opportunities space. He’s a founding member of the US based International Development Angels investor network and lead investor and mentor to a major tech US start-up, He also mentors the management and members of the Impact Hub Belgrade ( and recently helped them found their own independent angel investment network, Venture Group, the first angel investment network in Serbia. He has run businesses in both the UK and Ireland and is co-owner of Kamperplanet, a Serbian based company that provides campsite accommodation services to Exit and other major music festivals in the Balkans region. In his free time, Paul, a UK citizen, sustains his lifelong interest in music working as dance music producer in his studio at his home in Belgrade, Serbia.