alyona alyona (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The premiere in Kharkiv — rap-performer alyona alyona, the kindergarten teacher which became the hope of the national hip-hop. She is 27 years old artist who writes rap-texts since youthhood, and claims being inspired by the works of Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and, at the same time, the classics — N.W.A and Wu-Tang Clan. The repertoire of alyona alyona resembles the rap manifestos on personal and social issues: “I gathered my true self”, “People are not interested in miracles but a dialogue”, “The word is not a sparrow to fly”. The debut clip “Fishes”, directed by 19 years old content maker Delta Arthur, collected 1.3 million views on YouTube. Since then, attention to the work of alyona alyona does not weaken: the third video “Heads” almost crossed the mark of 1.7 million views. The film was made by Israeli director Sasha Pryluky, one of the ideologists at the DVISION studio. The video is shot in one take, with a manual camera, from a moped, on one of the Kyiv highways.