They say, necessity is the mother of inventions. True! So the main idea behind PLAN B is about being extremely inventive in extreme conditions, about changing the way of thinking, a strategy and approach to a problem, it is about game changing. Festival PLAN B is a convention of socially active creative savvies where they share tricks, tools and ideas on how to turn falling into flying—i.e. transform a challenge into an opportunity, failure into success, terrible into terrific, bad into BAD!

Festival PLAN B is such a magic trick itself, merging serious topics, education and great entertainment into the mindblowing mix called ‘edutainment’. It is also an intense communicative marathon: inspiring day-time communication in the framework of conferences and workshops continues at night on concert stages and dance floors, where—in the best tradition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—tech geeks, famous speakers and social activists unleash their inner beasts and party animals. And considering how exceptional are the people that PLAN B brings together, this is the sort of networking that can become a truly life-changing experience.