Sofa Surfers (Austria)

Sofa Surfers, Austria

Sofa Surfers are the headliners of our festival, an Austrian band which skilfully combines rock and electronics, trip hop and dub, acid jazz and chillout. There are 10 discs in their discography released from 1997 to 2015. They have been one of the most demanded bands of the European rave-scene for many years.

In addition to concerts and discs, their special deep sound can be heard in the soundtracks of a number of European and American movies with social issues and black comedies such as “Komm Süßer Tod”, a touching picture on the war between two paramedic organizations, “The Bone Man”, an investigation at a grill station where, to say modestly, not only chicken is getting roasted, “Silentium”, a story of the accusation of the Catholic priest in the abuse of the boy, “Focus”, a criminal tragicomedy with Will Smith, etc.

Recently, the team members took part in the creation of the movie “Train of Thoughts” about the subway, loneliness and association, which will also be presented at PLAN B.