Managing partner of the «World of Communities» society, co-author of the same-name game-training, practicing anthropologist and gametechnologist. He investigates human behavior and factors that predispose or change it, and especially, gaming technologies. He is also a consultant, analyst, hedonist, egoist, sometimes misanthrope. Mykhailo has received the specialty of information analyst from the best teachers of the Ostroh Academy. He has worked successfully at many diverse positions for a long time: a laboratory assistant, a political technologist, a journalist, a director of an analytical center, a project manager, editor-in-chief of a regional newspaper, a lecturer at the National University, a content manager, an editor again, a marketing director, a development director, a commercial director, the deputy director of the IT company, the business owner … and again the director. Sometimes he dreams of working not with people a little bit. The greatest pleasure in life Mykhailo gets from the development of complex systems.