NEVENA JANKOVIC (Vienna, Austria)

Nevena Janković, is a cultural producer based in Vienna since 2013, when she co-founded the BLOCKFREI association. Janković is working on the projects in three different cities – Vienna, Belgrade, and Korčula (in Croatia) – where, through her activities, she seeks to enrich and contribute to the local cultural contents. She is one of the co-founders and organisers of Korčula summer festival ŠUŠUR! Festival od riči (ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words), which is being released annually since the year 2012. The festival gathers literary authors from the ex-Yugoslav region and has the aim to overcome the cultural gaps existing among the post-conflict countries. With the establishment of BLOCKFREI, a project-run-association, she created, co-created, produced, and co-produced projects in the field of contemporary art – public discussions, exhibitions, residency program, etc., as well as projects which focus on the topics of migration and social inclusion of the refugees – workshops, conferences, exhibitions, et al. She is a co-initiator and manager of the annual program Curators’ Agenda – the residency program for emerging international curators in Vienna.