The Prince Albert (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

The Prince Albert, Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Kharkiv band “The Prince Albert” is formed by three people, Dima Veriovkin, Vova Alieksieiev and Masha Demenko (this formation of the brand plays since 2016), who make music on the edge of post-punk, alt-pop, trip-hop, electronics and new wave, at ease and naturally, yet with love for details. As a critic Artem Risukhin says, it is “like the Canadian ‘Braids’ decided to play dark wave,” without “trying to copy the sound,” or “slackness under the guise of lo-fi.”

The mix of electronic and live music, the analogue sound of the synths in balance with the melodic vocal of the soloist and the guitar reefs lay in minds of listeners for a long time.

In May of this year, “Prince Albert” released the second single “Fall” and a clip on it. Jamie York, a photographer and a video producer from New York, has been a director of the video. The shooting took place in Kharkiv and New York. The previous track, “Exorcism”, can be found on SoundCloud. The release of the debut album is scheduled for 2018.

Further words are not needed, just come to PLAN B where we will plunge into this music together and break into the space of new ideas and new music.

Listen to a treck: