ZVONKO NAUMOVSKI (Skopje, Makedonia)

Zvonko Naumoski is a highly experienced media and community development consultant, facilitator and trainer with over 20 years of direct field experience.  He has practical and intensive experience as Facilitator, Trainer and Manager in the fields of strategic management and project concept design and management and capacity building of personnel by providing direct support through tailored capacity building programmes and creating partnership among public, private and civic sector at the regional and national level and with foreign partners.  He possesses vast experience in management and implementation of projects as well as preparation of monitoring and evaluation tools, training needs assessments and delivery of training and using different teaching methods and in organizing and supporting complex training events. Zvonko Naumoski possesses knowledge and understanding of EU Policies and Operations, including PRAG and Structural and Regional Policies and well-developed networks at the local, national and regional level