Dmytro Tischenko, Sumy, Ukraine
“Intelligent Hub”

If any of the Ukrainian cities can claim the status of the Smart City, then it is Sumy. In any case, such organizations as “City of Wise” and “Intelligent Hub” work there.

The slogan of the project is very similar to our: “Change. Or live as it is.”

“Intelligent Hub” is 100 square meters of open space in the center of Sumy for regular meetings of people who want to change their city for the better. Just in the first 4 months of its existence there were 90 meeting of different formats.

Dmytro is the head of the organization and the hub, the master and facilitator of the “Active Citizens” program of the British Council in Ukraine.

And still it’s not the final list of Dmytro’s activities. He also works for UA:SUMY, a regional division of the Public Broadcasting); initiates Sumy Networking: Change Makers, meetings of change makers in Sumy; participates in Ukrainian Student Self-Governance Forum and “School of Journalism on Kuznechna st.” In general, Dmytro is a human-hub himself. He is a smart man.