Yevheniia Vasylieva, Avdiivka, Ukraine
“Avdiivka FM”

Theatrical and musical scenes, literary and pictorial workshops – all of this is going under the rumble of remote explosions. Yevheniia Vasylieva is a co-initiator and manager of one of the most interesting projects in the east of Ukraine “Avdiivka FM”, a large-scale artistic festival on the front line territory.

But firstly, Yevheniia is a specialist in family, youth and sport, of the military-civilian administration in Avdiivka.

At the same time, she is engaged in social activities with Avdiivka City Initiative Group. The purpose of the organisation is to group people, create space for the development of creative social institutions in the city. How? By involving young people in educational and cultural events, creating a space to enforce young and talented people.

Most of the events of the group are initiated on their own. Sometimes they agree to participate in useful and interesting city projects initiated by other people. They also invite initiatives from other cities and help them to be implemented. All of this is for the development of volunteer, public and artistic movements among young people in Avdiivka and in the east of Ukraine as a whole.