TU PLATFORM (Mariupol)

А cultural center in Mariupol, where basic culture, innovative ideas, human rights and freedoms, as well as contemporary art, are the dominant values. Their events, from artistic residences to street art, touch on the hottest social topics: gender violence, freedom of speech, discrimination, de-communism, minority rights, eco-activism, etc. Making social changes precisely in Mariupol, the center of radicalism and militarism, is a real challenge. However, we are sure that everything that works for the development of culture works against the war.

Workshop “The art of protest: no limits, no fear, no money”. Perhaps, street actions are the most comprehensible language of communication with any audience. It is a vivid instrument of influence, uniting many areas: from political protests to marches of equality, from street performances to mass rallies. At the workshop, the TU Platform team will share the secrets of their experience of artistic actions. We will be met by theory, practice, rights and responsibilities, simulation of real situations, creative thinking, absurdity and provocations. We will try to develop vibrant actions on sharp themes with nothing to fear and without restraint. The most courageous ones are invited to take a final exam held right on the street.