SYNTHOROOM — is an interactive exhibition of Ukrainian electronic artists’ live setups within the Plan B fest project.

We assemble representatives of electronic scene so that they could show their setups, share their methods and ways of work, jam and encourage people to make electronic music. For the first time in Kharkov and in the same place there will be such a concentration of music equipment and people having made it the main tool in their art. There will be 2 pairs of headphones at the tables of all the participants. Thus, the musicians could simultanuously jam with those who want to and talk freely. The lectures and master classes dedicated to music making will also be happening at the same time during the event.


Take part:

Friedensreich & Splinter UA











Андрей Орел (Eagle Andrii)


Value (Арсений Жбанов)


Zaiets (Богдан Заец)