PLUS/MINUS ART RESIDENCE (Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine)

Plus/Minus Art Residence, Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine is a public organization and a team of enthusiasts who have landed safely on the Luhansk land a year ago in order to re-engage in cultural activities in difficult times for Luhansk region. And, if briefly and with love, you can just say +\-. The young organization brings together many like-minded people of the old Luhansk Oblast from all over the country and region — in the areas of culture, art, modern history of the region, mass media, civic activism, education and the protection of rights. The team +\- contributes to the dynamic discovery of the historical potential of the Luhansk region as part of Ukraine, as well as its activities provoke diversified cultural development in cities and villages.

Some +\- activities (since September 2017):

✔️ “Donbas — Family Photo Archive” is a research project, a synergy of visual anthropology and photo-documentary history on the example of personal photo archives of residents of three cities of Donbas: Sievierodonetsk, Lysychansk and Rubizhne. Black and white epoch of photography, 3 cities, 36 digitized family photo archives, 10,000 photographs. As a result, a series of postcards “NaPamyat” was presented in Sievierodonetsk, Kyiv, Moscow and Florence (Italy).

✔️ “+\- LuhanskTeplovoz. Museum on wheels” — a series of posters for placement in train cars. The visual representation of the history and culture of the most powerful 120-year-old machine-building industry in Ukraine. A historic excursion along your road.

✔️ “+/- ∞” (“Plus/Minus Infinity”) is a periodical magazine about contemporary culture and art of the Luhansk region, its unique cultural-historical heritage, myths and super people. Estimated edition — 5000 copies per region, periodicity — once in two months.

Since October 2018, the Art Residence +/- is located on the street Enerhetykiv, 31A (“Shahove” cafe) in Sievierodonetsk, and there are many cultural events taking place: regular meetings, film shows, discussions, presentations, lectures, exhibitions, etc. — all that correlates with modern and relevant.

The team of the two-pole residence has the idea of ​​regularly holding the “Priehali. techno”, an experimental rave in collaboration with the techno workshop of underground and the sound of EIFIR (Kyiv), a large-scale party that identified the ferocious famine of night life in the city and the region.